Friday, August 23, 2013


`Ballet Shoes` by Noel Streatfeild

 Hey guys :)
 Believe it or not, I`m listening to Mozart now! I can`t believe it either.. I mean, I like his music, it`s relaxing and everything, but I never really sat down to listen it. 

 Anyway, I went to local bookstore the other day, and I got new book- `Ballet Shoes` by Noel Streatfeild. It`s soooooo good! There`s also a movie remake of the book, Emma Watson has the leading role. 
 The book is about three British girls (Pauline, Petrova and Posy Fossil) who r adopted as babies. They start going to `Children`s Academy of Dancing And Stage Training`. They r very talented, and at the end Pauline becomes very popular actress and Posy a brilliant ballerina. Petrova however becomes a pilot :p What makes this story very cool is that it`s all happening in time between 1940 and 1945 (I think, but I`m not sure).

 So this book inspired me to do post about my fav books, that I think u`ll like :)
You can guess that `Ballet Shoes` is one of them :) Next it`s (of course!) `Harry Potter` book series. I don`t have to tell u what it`s that abour, do I? :) I also very recently got `The Perks Of Being A Wallflower` book. It was quite nice.. There is a lot of mind battle going on in it, so I don`t recommend it for younger teens.

 But my absolutely favorites r Cathy Cassidy`s books! They r written especially for teenagers, and r the most interesting books i`ve ever read! Every book is about different teenage girl, and about her life and problems. There`s always a guy twisted somewhere inside the book ;) I got a loads of these books, here, in my room. Some of them r: Cherry Crush, Indigo Blue, Scarlett, Angel Cake, Love Peace And Chocolate, Shine On Daizy Star, Daizy Star And The Pink Guitar, ...

What r your fav books?? I`m really curious :)
Bye, bye
Becca xox

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


 Hello my lovelies :)
 I was very busy buying all that stuff for school. It took me couple days to get all things I need to, and I was waiting for my notebooks (my aunt bought them for me when she went to Croatia on summer holiday). It was veeeery fun!! I love doing back-to-school-shopping; it`s something I always loved, u go and buy new notebooks and penciles and every other year a backpack...
 I probably told u this about million times ( hahaha ), but I`m starting high school this year. In due to this, I got all new stuff I need for school: backpack, pencilcase, ...

 Here r things I bought, and there is also a description about hoe I use it :)

1. A Backpack

Naturally, this is the first thing I`m showing to u. I got it from Springfield. I firstly wanted to get a cambridge satchel, but then I went to the mall and saw this , so I got to get it. 

NOTE: It is really important to get useful backpack/satchel/bag for school. U need it for carrying books and notebooks and folders (don`t say u don`t need it because u have lockers, u`ll still have to bring home homework :p ); if u buy it just because it is pretty, it can happen that your things won`t fit in. 

2. A Pencilcase (pencil box)

Mine is from `Nici` i think. I`m not sure what the store is called... Oh never mind :)
It costed around 15 dollars, so it was very cheap, but still it looks very cute! The light pink parts r made of soft fabrics, the same one stuffed animals r made of. 

I don`t have a `note` on pencil cases, u can`t get the wrong one :)

3. Eraser 

I always get the `Staedtler` ones. I think they r the best.. I know u r wondering why I haven`t buy those cute ones, in cupcake-like shapes, but to be honest I did. But the ones I have won`t erase anything! They just make it worse. So I got the ordinary ones.

NOTE: Erasers r for erasing, not for looking how cute they r! U need it when u write something wrong, u don`t want to ask others to borrow u theirs, it`s annoying. 

4. Notebooks

`That`s a lot of notebooks` u think right now, am I right? I know that most kids don`t use these, they write on paper and then put it in folder which they keep in their lockers. Well I`m not one of them :p 
I like to have one notebook for one subject, and to have it with me when I have that class. It is really good when u need to repeat something before class, and they r also very light to carry in your backpack!
Subject I have: English, math, science (biology, chemistry and physics), social studies, history and German. 
I used two big ones for English and math, `cause I have to write a lot there!

NOTE: I don`t know about u, but my handwriting is much prettier when I write in pretty notebook. I feel like I have to make it look as pretty as notebook, I don`t want to ruin it! So if u have problem with your handwriting, this may help.
Also, I buy notebooks each one in different color, so i can`t accidentally take the wrong one :)

These r ones for English and math :)

These r ones my aunt got me :)

3. Pencils/ Electronic pencils

I always get sliding/electronic pencils. U don`t need to sharpen it, u just click and u can keep on with writing!
NOTE: I really recommend these for sloppy ones (if there r some here). When u use ordinary pencil u have to use sharpener, and sometimes u r too lazy, so u just keep writing with a dull pencil.. it does not look good, trust me!

4. Folder

I got only one folder this year. It`s just because I don`t need more than one. I put all homework assignments and papers in one, and attach little paper to it (it`s at number 5, look down below) and write for which class it is. 
NOTE: This is perfect for those who has a lot after-school activities, club meetings or forgetful ones. U cant forget to bring file if u have only one, can u? 

5. Little sticky notes

I already told u when I use these notes, but that`s not the full use of them! I use them when I need to mark page in book or notebook, like, when I have to study it little more
NOTE: Have u ever bent corners of pages from some book because u wanted to find them easily? Well these sticky notes r in the same use (u just don`t need to destroy anything) 

6. Big sticky notes

Use them when u have to write down something. Would it be the quote u just heard, of something important u have to know for exams, it doesnt matter! 
NOTE: There is also a fun use of them: u can write something on it and then attach it to another student! U can write `kick me in ass` or `kiss me` or something like that.. Just don`t make it rude, nobody likes that.

7. Rulers

Do I have to explain u how and for what I use them? ;)

8. Colorful pens

My motto: `everything is easier when in colors`. So when I take notes, I usualy write important things in colors, and I use pens for that. This time I bought red, purple, blue and black. 

Also, I use the same motto when I study something from book, I just take neon highlight. I yellow, orange, pink and green. And I love them!!

I really hope I helped u :) I will put some links of videos that r about school supplies tomorrow. 
Becca xox

Friday, August 16, 2013


 InStyle Summer Soiree was two days ago (August 14th) and I just found some pics of celebrities who came. As always, they were all really glamorous and pretty-looking, but some of them, naturally, stood out. And they became best-dressed of the night!!

1. Bella Thorne

2. Rachael Taylor

3. Camilla Luddington

4. Brittany Snow

5. Shenae Grimes

Those r my favs... and according to other sites and blogs YOUR favorites too :)
See ya,
Becca xox

Thursday, August 15, 2013


 Hahaha, i`m just in good mood to say `hola` it`s funny.
Anyway, as u know, I`m starting high school in September. And I really can`t wait (i hope that didn`t sound weird hahaha). All friends I have r pretty nervous, but most of them have their best friends going to the same high school. And as u know when u have your BFF by your side, u can do anything! Well, my best friend won`t go to the same school as I. She moved to another part of city :( And basically, both two of us won`t have BFF by her side. We will have to meet new friends, which isn`t hard for me, but she is really shy and.. So we met last weekend and researched Google `till we found most important advices that may help us. It`s about how to be cool, how to get new friends.. It can help u even if u r not starting new school year, and u just want to be more popular with your classmates.
So, here r 10 tips, we think r the most important:

1. BE YOU. Be true to yourself. Don`t pretend to be someone else, if you`re not. You won`t get anywhere, you`ll just complicate your life!


2. DON`T BE AFRAID TO BE DIFFERENT. Don`t forget that every girl or boy r different from others. Things that you maybe do, and others don`t makes you identical! So don`t EVER change yourself!


3. BE FRIENDLY. It would be much easier to be who you r when you have friends behind your backs. If there is someone new, came and greet him! I bet he doesnt bite! :))


4. TRUST YOUR FRIENDS. If you have friends that you know, like, forever you should trust them! Or if you have a BFF (best friend forever) you can tell her a secret, or do something you don`t want anyone to find out, she/he will save the secret. Also, important is to be trustworthy, `cause u need your friends believing u, that way u become closer.


5. DRESS CODE. Just wear what you r comfortable in! `Cause if you feel good, you`ll see the difference in your walk and your pose!


6. BE GOOD. People love when someone is helping them. If someone in school drop the books, come and help him/her! And also, you will make another friend that way!


7. BE CONFIDENT. You will look better if you r confident. If someone is bullying you, stand up to them! They r people, just like you, why would they think they r better than you?? Also, confident girls look prettier. They r happy with how they look, and honestly, boys love those girls! Same is for boys. It`s important not to start acting like u r the queen/king of the world, no one like those people.


8. BE INDEPENDENT. Don`t do stuff just because your friend like that. Do something on your own.

9. SMILE. You will look much easier to talk if you r smiling! Also, when others look at you, they should smile too!!


10. TAKE CARE OF YOUR HYGIENE. If you smell good and if you take care of yourself, others will love to be with you.


What do you think?? R these real tips for being cool?? Lets hope :)
Becca xox


 Hey again :)
 U know I wasn`t able to post yesterday, so `im posting celebrity-of-the-week-post now :) And it`s Zendaya! Now I know I have been writing about Disney stars only, but lets face it, they r rising to the stars! They r doing so many things at the same time, so I literally have to them here hahaha.

 Now, lets talk about Zendaya.
 She was born on September the 1st 1996. in Oakland, California, as Zendaya Meree Stoermer Coleman. In 2009 she auditioned for Disney show `Shake It Up` and she got the role of Rocky Blue. It is 3rd season of SIU now and I think they r planning to do the 4th too :)
 Beside `Shake It Up`, Zendaya acted in `ANT Farm`, `Good Luck Charlie` and `Frenemies`.

Also she was in 16th season of popular American TV show `Dancing With The Stars` and she has won second place.

In 2011 Zendaya released her first song `Swag It Out` and a duet with her co star Bella Thorne, called `Watch me` (it reached more than 81 million views!). Later, Bella and Zendaya recorded couple more songs together: `Fashion Is My Kryptonite`, `This Is My Dance Floor` and `Contaghious Love`. She also recorded two official dance videos- first in December 2012 and second in February 2013.

 Her single `Replay` will be on her new album which is coming out in September this year.

 She wrote a book for teens called `Between U And Me: How To Rock Your Tween Years With Style And Confidence` and it is coming out soon.

So, u see now that Zendaya REALLY deserved her place in this weeks celebrity-of-the-week-blog? I see :)
Lots of love,
Becca xox


 You can`t even imagine how sorry I am because I haven`t post anything last week! Like, u can`t ever imagine. As u know I was at village, and I came home this morning actually :) I was traveling couple hours, and it was really early when I came. Firstly I have to tell u why I haven`t posted. My brother got sick, so I wasn`t allowed to go to the internet (so i wouldn`t get sick too). As I already told u in one of y posts, once i`m home, i`ll have full access to the internet. That means that i`ll be posting 1-2 posts per day :D

Also, I told u that i`ll start `Back To School` posts when I`m back. I`m going to post every couple days something that`ll help u when u`re back to school, like:
- school supplies (i will probably do that post during weekend, `cause that`s when I`m going to buy them)
- shopping haul (all new things I got for school)
- outfit ideas
- makeup for high school
- advices about studying, friends, etc..
- easy 5-minute hairstyles, ...

P. S. Posts that r about `Back To School` will have BTS in tytle

This was just a little preview, :)
Becca xox

Sunday, August 4, 2013


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 Hello my lovelies!!
 I really like quotes. Cool and inspirational quotes. I always go to the net and try to find some good. I also have a board on pinterest called `sute quotes`, so when I find photo that goes with interesting quote i always repin it.
 In this post, I want to write down my personal favorite quotes. Like, a different kinds of quotes: about love, fashion, friendship, life...

- Time u enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

- It`s better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

- A dream doesn`t become reallity through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

- Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it`s better to be absolutely ridiculous that absolutely boring.

- There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentaly, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.

- Give the world the best u have and it may have never be enough. Give your best anyway.

- Fairy tales r more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.

- People who r crazy enough to think they can change the world, r the ones who do.

- Darkness can not drive out darkness: only love can do that. Hate can not drive out hate> only love can do that.

For every minute u r angry, u lose sixty seconds of happiness.

- You live only ones, but if u do it right, once is enough.

So, these r my favorites :) What do u think?? What r YOURS?
Becca xox

Friday, August 2, 2013


 Happy best friends day!!!
 As u know I`m at the village so I won`t be spending this special day with my BFF :( But, I will go to the skype with her, so it should be fun. So.. If u don`t know what to do today, i have some ideas. U can:

1. Go to the park and make a picnic

2. Hang around and watch your favorite TV series

3. Go on some totally crazy party and have GREAT time

4. Make sleepover

5. Make really cool pool party

I really, really hope u`ll have A LOT of fun today!!
See ya ;)
Becca xox

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Happy Birthday!

 Hello :)
 As u know, i`m biggest fan of Harry Potter! I`m just fascinated by him.. He went through so many bad things, and still he is pure good. He is an inspiration to me... He fights evil and tries to help others.
 I mean, when he was 11 he goes alone to fight Lord Voldemort `cause he didn`t want something to happen to his friends. When he was 12 he goes to fight Basilisk `cause he doesn`t want others to get hurt, and he goes underground to save Ron`s lil sister. Well that`s courageously. Really. Then, when he was 14 he saw Voldemort killing his friend. That is.... I can`t.. :( Then his only living relative dies because of Voldemort, and Harry is torn apart. But he stays to fight! He is doing his best to find horcruxes and fight evil once for all.  And he does it. He beat Voldemort. 

 Harry is just big inspiration. Every time i`m sad or angry about something, I compare it to Harry`s worries.Then, My concers r nothing. And I always remember to stay strong no matter what had happened.

So good picture :)

Quote form HP

How good id this picture?

Never ending story...
In my case, it`s the orange part
R u fan of Harry Potter?? 
Okay then :)
Becca xox

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Live performance of `Come And Get It`

 I just saw that Selena Gomez put new music video on youtube!! It`s really good. I liked `Slow Down` since I heard it for the first time. The song is contagious, really. I know it`s not Wednesday, but I think it is fer if i make celebrity-of-the-week today. It`s mainly `cause she released her new video, and I wanted to write about it as soon as I could :)

 Well, Selena Gomez started her career when she was 7 years old, she was acting in`Barney and Friends`. She was guest star on popular Disney shows, as `The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody`, `The Suite Life On Deck`, `Hannah Montana`... In 2007 she got leading role in Disney series`Wizards Of Waverly Place`. The series lasted `till 2012, and it also had two TV movies in 2009 and 2013. The wizard show made Selena very popular, and she started acting in movies such as `Monte Carlo` and `Spring Breakers.
 But acting is not her only love: she also like singing. Her first album, `Kiss & Tell`, was released in 2009 and it is her debut studio album. In 2010 and 2011 she released two more albums: `A Year Without Rain` and `When The Sun Goes Down`.
 Now, in 2013, she released another album `Stars Dance` which i looove! And she had already put on youtube two videos for `Come And Get It` and `Slow Down`. She is working really hard to make her dreams come true. She actually succeeded! She also celebrated her 21st birthday couple days ago. As u can see she really deserves to be celebrity of the week!


With her best friend, Taylor Swift

`Come And Get It` music video
`Till next post
Becca xox