Thursday, August 15, 2013


 Hahaha, i`m just in good mood to say `hola` it`s funny.
Anyway, as u know, I`m starting high school in September. And I really can`t wait (i hope that didn`t sound weird hahaha). All friends I have r pretty nervous, but most of them have their best friends going to the same high school. And as u know when u have your BFF by your side, u can do anything! Well, my best friend won`t go to the same school as I. She moved to another part of city :( And basically, both two of us won`t have BFF by her side. We will have to meet new friends, which isn`t hard for me, but she is really shy and.. So we met last weekend and researched Google `till we found most important advices that may help us. It`s about how to be cool, how to get new friends.. It can help u even if u r not starting new school year, and u just want to be more popular with your classmates.
So, here r 10 tips, we think r the most important:

1. BE YOU. Be true to yourself. Don`t pretend to be someone else, if you`re not. You won`t get anywhere, you`ll just complicate your life!


2. DON`T BE AFRAID TO BE DIFFERENT. Don`t forget that every girl or boy r different from others. Things that you maybe do, and others don`t makes you identical! So don`t EVER change yourself!


3. BE FRIENDLY. It would be much easier to be who you r when you have friends behind your backs. If there is someone new, came and greet him! I bet he doesnt bite! :))


4. TRUST YOUR FRIENDS. If you have friends that you know, like, forever you should trust them! Or if you have a BFF (best friend forever) you can tell her a secret, or do something you don`t want anyone to find out, she/he will save the secret. Also, important is to be trustworthy, `cause u need your friends believing u, that way u become closer.


5. DRESS CODE. Just wear what you r comfortable in! `Cause if you feel good, you`ll see the difference in your walk and your pose!


6. BE GOOD. People love when someone is helping them. If someone in school drop the books, come and help him/her! And also, you will make another friend that way!


7. BE CONFIDENT. You will look better if you r confident. If someone is bullying you, stand up to them! They r people, just like you, why would they think they r better than you?? Also, confident girls look prettier. They r happy with how they look, and honestly, boys love those girls! Same is for boys. It`s important not to start acting like u r the queen/king of the world, no one like those people.


8. BE INDEPENDENT. Don`t do stuff just because your friend like that. Do something on your own.

9. SMILE. You will look much easier to talk if you r smiling! Also, when others look at you, they should smile too!!


10. TAKE CARE OF YOUR HYGIENE. If you smell good and if you take care of yourself, others will love to be with you.


What do you think?? R these real tips for being cool?? Lets hope :)
Becca xox

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