Thursday, August 15, 2013


 You can`t even imagine how sorry I am because I haven`t post anything last week! Like, u can`t ever imagine. As u know I was at village, and I came home this morning actually :) I was traveling couple hours, and it was really early when I came. Firstly I have to tell u why I haven`t posted. My brother got sick, so I wasn`t allowed to go to the internet (so i wouldn`t get sick too). As I already told u in one of y posts, once i`m home, i`ll have full access to the internet. That means that i`ll be posting 1-2 posts per day :D

Also, I told u that i`ll start `Back To School` posts when I`m back. I`m going to post every couple days something that`ll help u when u`re back to school, like:
- school supplies (i will probably do that post during weekend, `cause that`s when I`m going to buy them)
- shopping haul (all new things I got for school)
- outfit ideas
- makeup for high school
- advices about studying, friends, etc..
- easy 5-minute hairstyles, ...

P. S. Posts that r about `Back To School` will have BTS in tytle

This was just a little preview, :)
Becca xox

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