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 Hello my lovelies :)
 I was very busy buying all that stuff for school. It took me couple days to get all things I need to, and I was waiting for my notebooks (my aunt bought them for me when she went to Croatia on summer holiday). It was veeeery fun!! I love doing back-to-school-shopping; it`s something I always loved, u go and buy new notebooks and penciles and every other year a backpack...
 I probably told u this about million times ( hahaha ), but I`m starting high school this year. In due to this, I got all new stuff I need for school: backpack, pencilcase, ...

 Here r things I bought, and there is also a description about hoe I use it :)

1. A Backpack

Naturally, this is the first thing I`m showing to u. I got it from Springfield. I firstly wanted to get a cambridge satchel, but then I went to the mall and saw this , so I got to get it. 

NOTE: It is really important to get useful backpack/satchel/bag for school. U need it for carrying books and notebooks and folders (don`t say u don`t need it because u have lockers, u`ll still have to bring home homework :p ); if u buy it just because it is pretty, it can happen that your things won`t fit in. 

2. A Pencilcase (pencil box)

Mine is from `Nici` i think. I`m not sure what the store is called... Oh never mind :)
It costed around 15 dollars, so it was very cheap, but still it looks very cute! The light pink parts r made of soft fabrics, the same one stuffed animals r made of. 

I don`t have a `note` on pencil cases, u can`t get the wrong one :)

3. Eraser 

I always get the `Staedtler` ones. I think they r the best.. I know u r wondering why I haven`t buy those cute ones, in cupcake-like shapes, but to be honest I did. But the ones I have won`t erase anything! They just make it worse. So I got the ordinary ones.

NOTE: Erasers r for erasing, not for looking how cute they r! U need it when u write something wrong, u don`t want to ask others to borrow u theirs, it`s annoying. 

4. Notebooks

`That`s a lot of notebooks` u think right now, am I right? I know that most kids don`t use these, they write on paper and then put it in folder which they keep in their lockers. Well I`m not one of them :p 
I like to have one notebook for one subject, and to have it with me when I have that class. It is really good when u need to repeat something before class, and they r also very light to carry in your backpack!
Subject I have: English, math, science (biology, chemistry and physics), social studies, history and German. 
I used two big ones for English and math, `cause I have to write a lot there!

NOTE: I don`t know about u, but my handwriting is much prettier when I write in pretty notebook. I feel like I have to make it look as pretty as notebook, I don`t want to ruin it! So if u have problem with your handwriting, this may help.
Also, I buy notebooks each one in different color, so i can`t accidentally take the wrong one :)

These r ones for English and math :)

These r ones my aunt got me :)

3. Pencils/ Electronic pencils

I always get sliding/electronic pencils. U don`t need to sharpen it, u just click and u can keep on with writing!
NOTE: I really recommend these for sloppy ones (if there r some here). When u use ordinary pencil u have to use sharpener, and sometimes u r too lazy, so u just keep writing with a dull pencil.. it does not look good, trust me!

4. Folder

I got only one folder this year. It`s just because I don`t need more than one. I put all homework assignments and papers in one, and attach little paper to it (it`s at number 5, look down below) and write for which class it is. 
NOTE: This is perfect for those who has a lot after-school activities, club meetings or forgetful ones. U cant forget to bring file if u have only one, can u? 

5. Little sticky notes

I already told u when I use these notes, but that`s not the full use of them! I use them when I need to mark page in book or notebook, like, when I have to study it little more
NOTE: Have u ever bent corners of pages from some book because u wanted to find them easily? Well these sticky notes r in the same use (u just don`t need to destroy anything) 

6. Big sticky notes

Use them when u have to write down something. Would it be the quote u just heard, of something important u have to know for exams, it doesnt matter! 
NOTE: There is also a fun use of them: u can write something on it and then attach it to another student! U can write `kick me in ass` or `kiss me` or something like that.. Just don`t make it rude, nobody likes that.

7. Rulers

Do I have to explain u how and for what I use them? ;)

8. Colorful pens

My motto: `everything is easier when in colors`. So when I take notes, I usualy write important things in colors, and I use pens for that. This time I bought red, purple, blue and black. 

Also, I use the same motto when I study something from book, I just take neon highlight. I yellow, orange, pink and green. And I love them!!

I really hope I helped u :) I will put some links of videos that r about school supplies tomorrow. 
Becca xox

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  1. Hey Becca,thanks for the post,you really helped me,now I have new ideas for what to buy for school! ;)