Saturday, June 22, 2013


Chris Hadfield

 Hey my lovelies!
 Sooo... I`m obsessed with space, haha.  It always fascinated me, idk why. It was just, the though of being in zero-gravity was so cool. I liked reading stories about characters that goes to space and so... I was searching internet other day and I found that article about 6 astronauts that spent about 5 months in space. FIVE MONTHS!! That`s a loooong time, hahaha.

Anyway, I tried to find a lil more about them. I found official youtube channel of CSA (Canadian Space Agency). And I saw that there r some videos that one of the astronauts actually filmed while they were in space! Of course, I watched almost all of them and thay r sooooooooo damn good!

In videos, Chris talk (and show) how he does normal things in space, like brushes his teeth, eat, entertain, sleep, etc. It`s really interesting watching how things look in zero-gravity. Water looks more like jelly in space, and it looks like it`s sticky.

I think you should see at least one video :) I`m sure you r going to like it!
Here`s one video, Chris is making a sandwich :P I think it`s made with, uhm, peanut butter and honey :))

P. S. I`m 99,9 % sure that this is Chris`s twitter account :)

See ya later,
Becca xox

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