Saturday, June 29, 2013


Fashion :)

 I couldn`t sleep last night, so I started thinking. I don`t even know how I came to this theme. I asked myself what my style is. The thing is that I don`t really know. I`m still young and i`m trying to find that out. There r so many

 I was trying to find style that suit my personality my whole life. IDK, I always loved different things to wear, and it was hard for me to make clothes that fit in with other things and accessorizes.

 I tried how it is to be pretty-girly-princess. I mean, I was wearing all pink clothes and I was acting like drama queen. I guess the clothes you wear affect your mood and your behavior. It didn`t feel good, it was hard for me, `cause I wasn`t used to make big deal out of nothing and I never behaved like girl that cries for everything.
Girly-girl-drama-queen style

 Then I wanted to be a rocker. Totally opposite from drama-queen, i know :) . At that time, I was wearing black and red nails, ripped jeans, black eyeliner, etc. But I really didn`t feel it. It was too heavy for me and I wanted to wear brighter colors.
Rock Style

 After that, I wanted to be like, uhm, those who listen and dance hip-hop. I really liked it, but it was not me. I was wearing big tracksuits and so.. I was too girly for that. I missed my skirs and dresses, hahaha.
Hip-hop style

 Then wanted to be more nature-oriented. It was good, I used to take wood-made accessorizes, white and neutral colors. But i missed glittery things soooooooo much!

 And then I realized. I have my own style. I was mixin` up different things together, and it looked good! It was glam style, i realized.
My mixed-up style :)
So don`t worry if you don`t know your style yet. And more important, do not wear what isn`t comfortable for you!

Becca xox

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