Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Text language!!

Heeeey guys!!
I thought that it would be sooo cool if i make a post with symbols that teens uses when they text and write. It is mostly for those who doesn`t talk English (American) everyday. It was a problem for me to understand what were people from twitter saying, but then i saw a list of those symbols with their translation in one magazine. I`ll write that list here, for you.

P. S. Those r the most common :)

  - 143 I love you

 - 2DAY Today

- B4 Before

 - BF / GF Boyfriend / Girlfriend

  - FB Facebook

  - BTW By the way

  - GR8 Great

  - IDK I don’t know

  - ILY / ILU I love you

  - LOL Laughing out loud

  - K or KK Okay

  - OMG Oh my God

  - PPL People

  - RT Retweet

  - TTYL Talk to you later

  - OOTD Outfit Of The Day

  - IMO In My Opinion

  - PIC Picture

  - R are

  - APP aplicaation

  - XOX Hugs & Kisses

 - U you

 - SUP What`s Up

 - WBU What About You

 - IDC I Don`t Care

Really hope I helped :)
See ya,
Becca xox

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