Sunday, June 23, 2013


 It`s summer. FINALLY!! I`m sure you`ve all been waiting for it- I know I have :) I have long hair, and I decided that i`ll make many different hairstyles this summer, so I searched pinterest for some ideas. And i found them :)

 I saw what is popular now. Saw what hairstyles celebrities r wearing this summer. So I made a list of most popular kind of hairdos.
Here r couple categories that I`ve made: tails, braids, put hair, buns and hair colors.

                                       1. COLORFUL hair
1. A lot of colorful highlights

2. Blue and pink ombre

3. Whole baby-pink hair

4. Light hair with dark ends

5. Brown hair with ANY color at the end

                               2. The cutest PUT HAIR styles
1. Just straightened hair

2. Hair with bow

3. Curled hair with braid

4. Just curled hair

5. All hair put at one side

                   3. Hair TAILS that r most popular this season:
1. Tail that looks like mess

2. Up

3. Curled pony tale

4. Twisted tail

5. Low tied

                                       4. BRAIDED hair

1. Up fish tail

2. Messy braid

3. Fishbone

4. Twisted braid and fish tail

5. Braid with wreath of flowers

                          5. Hair BUNS that r sooo this season

1. Normal mess bun

3. Bun with crossing braids

3. Tightened-up bun

4. Bun with hair around it

5. Crimped bun with fishbone
P. S. There r many more hairstyles and TUTORIALS on my pinterest page, check it out :)

What r your favorites??
Much love,
Becca xox

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