Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Michael Jackson <3

 So... As you know, today is exactly 4 years since Michael Jackson passed away, so i`ll be talking about him now. Mostly about accomplishments he reached and how much I adore him :)
I am listening him for about 5 years. I was about 10 when he died, and I remember that MTV was playing his songs all day.. I was really sad even if i didn`t know much about him at that time (i knew only his biggest hits like Bad, Thriller, Dirty Diana, Beat It, etc). Also, know that my parents don`t listen to MJ, i discovered him by myself.

 I really like him and looove his music. His music never gets old:  teens like me enjoy listening it and `older` people who were young when Michael was at the top also love it.
Michael was always saying that he won`t die... and he was right all the time! He will always LIVE THROUGH HIS MUSIC. He is the king of pop, and he was one of the greatest voices in last (and this) century.

 He started singing when he was about 5 years old. He was in a bend with his brothers, and they were having concerts every night. He didn`t really have a childhood- while other kids were playing in local park, he was recording song, having bend rehearsals, ... But he got what he wanted. He was living his dream, and all hard work was paid off. He was extraordinary.

 He received a looot of awards, and was (and is) called `The King Of Pop`. He also holds the record for most Grammys received in one night. Most of his songs were number one for a long time.
But beside all that he was just a normal and down-to-earth man. He loved animals. He had a monkey and python and dogs, ... He loved going to the zoo and going shopping...

 `That's the time you must keep on trying; Smile, what's the use of crying; You'll find that life is still worthwhile; If you just smile... `- Smile by MJ

R. I. P. Michael Jackson,
You will always live through your music..
Becca xox

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