Monday, June 24, 2013


 First, I have to say it- we reached more than 100 views in last week :D Hahaha, i`m so happy even if it`s no big deal really.. :)

 Anyway, I made a list of movies that i HAVE to see before school starts. Some of them r already in cinemas, and some r going to be released later in summer. I also had to put that list here and share it with you.

 I know that the most of movies from list r comedies, but I like funny movies. They make me happy and I usually laugh so hard that it makes me feel really good. You sure know that feeling after watching a good comedy :)
 So, here`s the list :))

P. S. If you click on the movie name, you`ll go to the description :)

1. The Bling Ring

2. Monster University (trust me, it`s going to be hilarious)

2. The Lone Ranger

3. Grown Ups 2

4. Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters

5. This Is Us

6. This Is The End
Can`t wait to watch `em :))
Bye, bye
Becca xox

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