Tuesday, June 18, 2013


So.. in my *first post* im going 2 tell you what topics i`ll write about and a little about me :)

Blog topics: Since this is mosly teen blog, i`ll write a lot about teen stuff. And by `teen stuff` i mean partys, friendship, love, dates, movies, music, celebrities, fashion, makeup, beauty, tutorials, hairstyles, stop bulling,drawing, scraping, bakind (cupcakes, muffins, etc), ....

About me.. hmmm.. well i`m 14-year-old girl, and i`m starting high school in September. I like playing drums and guitar, singing, acting, dancing, riding bike and roller blades, shopping... I`m addicted to `Gracy`s Anathomy` and `Victorious`. Also a bellarina, belieber, directioner, lovatic, selenator, zswagger, simpsonizer, swiftie, mahomie, ... :))

Beeca xox

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