Sunday, July 7, 2013


 I haven`t been posting last week `cause I was on short trip with my parents, and my brothers came, so I didn`t really have much free time. I promise it won`t happen again!! Place I`m going on summer vacation has internet, and I already started preparing some posts, so I can just upload it later. So, be sure, you`ll see a looot of new posts fashion, beauty and summer related :)

Every couple days I`m changing my nail polish. Today, I decided for minty-silver-pink nails. They r really simple `cause I was busy and didn`t have much time for drawing something on my nails. But still they look really cute and elegant.
 Also, you see that my little finger is short. It`s because I played basketball with my brother and  I fell on my hand, and accidentally broke my nail :(

My nails :)
 Yesterday, I went shopping with my mom. I (finally) bought maxi skirt!!!!!!! OMG I was and still am soo excited, I loove it! So I had to wear it today.
 I styled it with wide white T-shirt and golden accessorizes. I wore big Egyptian necklace and earrings with skull and rivet.

Maxi skirt FINALLY!

Not sure what to write ahahaha

Hahaha I`m home so i`m barefoot :P

Looove these earrings!!

My Egyptian necklace

I wore:
 - maxi skirt: Forever 21
 - shirt: Orsay
 - earrings: Six ( i think, but not really sure)
 - necklace: necklace: C&A

`Till my next post,
Becca xox

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