Monday, July 29, 2013


 So... What`s up? There haven`t happened many things here. I`m at the village now. I have many cousins and friends here, so it can be really fun sometimes. But now I really miss my friends. I`m going home for weekend `cause I have drum lessons, so i`ll see them then. Gosh, I love playing drums!! Honestly, I feel free then. I can play any beat I wanna. The feeling is really great! It`s like dreaming for me. I wanted to know how to play drums for quite a long time, and now i`m so happy. I literally can not wait `till next class!

Anyway, let`s talk about blogs!! I like couple blogs. Those r blogs about fashion mostly. And I looooooove them!!
Here r two of my FAVOURITE blogers :

Tamara Kalinic from UK

Dulce Candy from USA
If u know someone with good blog/site, or if u have your own please put link in comments :)
Becca xox


  1. Thank you so much cutie, means a lot to me <3 xxx

    1. :) i`m so excited, don`t know what to say! I can`t believe u checked my bolg! :) <3