Friday, July 19, 2013


 I looove summer! I just enjoy spending time outside with my family and friends (since we all have holiday). Last week, I was with my sister and we made list with all fun things we want to do this summer. OMG we just HAVE to do these things, it will be soooo fun!!
 So I decided to tell u these tips and stuff, cause i know that a lot of my friends r just bored.. I mean,they do not know what to do, so they r always hanging out on twitter or facebook. If u that kind of people, this list may help u a LOT.
 Check it out:
1. Make a slip n slide in your garden or yard

2. Visit local zoo

3. Make a music video

4. Have a barefoot day

5. Have your favorite series marathon

6. Have a water-balloons fight!

7. Watch the sunrise

8. Have a summer clothes fashion show

9. Make a collage out of old magazines

10. Make biggest pool party ever! 

Im going to get prepare for water-balloons fight.. Wish me good luck!
Becca xox