Tuesday, July 23, 2013


 Long time no see! I`m so sorry, I was traveling to the village and i was really tired and exhausted from the trip, it took me 2 days to recover haha.. In this post i just wanted to say about what i`ll be writing about.

 Right now i`m at the village and i do not have internet here :( To to write and publish post i need to go to my cousin `cause he has internet. Now, i can`t have access to internet everyday, BUT i`ll post around 7-8 posts a week. So don`t worry :)
 I`m coming back home in the middle of August i think, and when i`m back home once, i`ll have internet access 24h a day.

`Till I`m in village, I`ll upload a lot of posts about summer things: date ideas, places to visit, slumber/pajama parties, TV shows, movie premieres, award night, celebrity of the week, outfit of the week, ...

 I`m usually really nervous before start of new school-year. And I know that a lot of teens feel the same way. Last year, Bella Thorne`s site helped me A LOT!! First, she had posted a bunch of posts about what to wear first day of school, what supplies do u need, etc.. So I decided to make posts similar to them.

 When I get back home, I`ll start preparing all things I need for high school (as u know i`m starting it in September). I`ll make a lot of posts about school supplies, clothes, shoes, makeup, backpacks and bags, ... I`ll research Google and see what is popular and tell u all I know.

At that time I`ll be posting about how to spend last days of summer in the best way!

So, this is about that :)
Have fun,
Becca xox

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