Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Bella Thorne
 Here`s the first post celebrity of the week!! Every week on Wednesday I`ll be posting about one star and I`ll be talking a lil about her/him.
This week, it`s Bella Thorne!!

 Bella is a American actress, singer, dancer, model and soon- a writer! And she is only 15 years old!! When she was only 6 weeks old she got her first modeling job. She was into modeling `till she was around 9 years old. At that time, she started acting. First in commercials. She soon found out that acting is her passion. Then, she started acting in smaller movies and started showing up as guest star on some series and Disney shows (Wizards Of Waverly Place). In 2010 she went to audition for new Disney show called `Shake It Up` and she got the part! She was one of the leading roles, along with Zendaya. Show started emitting in 2010 and still is on TV. She needed to learn to dance for the show, so she became a dancer! With her best friend, Zendaya, she recorded couple songs songs with music videos: `Watch Me`, `TTYLXOX/Something To Dance For`, `Fashion Is My Kryptonite`, `Contagious Love`, `This Is My Dance Floor`... Earlier this year, she announced that she have album coming out in autumn this year. And she also said that she is working on her first book `Autumn Falls`. Beside all that, she is going to charity events, and helping overcoming thirst in Africa!

At the premiere

At the Coachella 

At the shooting

IDK where hahaha

Bella and her boyfriend Tristan
U have to admit she is a amazing girl!! Because she really is! I see her as my role model, that`s probably the reason I talk that much in my posts about her haha :)
`Till next post,
Becca xox


  1. I love Bella too,but I'm really sad she deleted her site ;/.I really love ur site I check it everyday,sorry that I'm not commenting.You seem nice I found out about ur blog from Lena's twitter,I loved her blog but ur's is AMAZING!

    1. Yeah, I`m sad too cause Bella deleted her site... I also love Lena`s blog, since last summer we became really good friends :)

    2. What I wonder is why she deleted the site. I do miss it!