Monday, July 15, 2013


 I`m so, so, so sorry I haven`t wrote anything on my blog for a couple days. It was because of technical problems. I named my Google+ profile `Pretty Reports` because I wanted it to has same name as my blog. And my profile was suspended `till I changed my name (As u see, now it`s `Becca Moon`). I also had to wait quite a time, `cause they needed to check it and see it name is appropriate.. And of course it is.

 I don`t have much time now to write posts, `cause I`m about to go to the dentist. I have to get braces, and they r just going to make some measures and decide when I should come and get it.. I`ll write about that another time.

Have to go now, but see you :)
Becca xox

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