Monday, July 15, 2013


 Hey again :)
 I know, this is third post today, but I haven`t posted anything for a few days so it`s okay.. I think?
Anyway, I`m literally obsessed with youtube lately . Firstl, I started watching makeup tutorials. Like, a lot of videos hahaha :) I wanted to know what makeup is popular this summer. I saw some amazing videos, and I subscribed, `cause I wanted to see more similar videos..

 There r so many fashionable girls, they give you advices on beauty, fashion, makeup, ... It`s really cool, like, it`s like she is talking right to you. It is helpful, u don`t have to research internet to find how some makeup looks or how to wear neon colors of how to make ombre hair...

 Here r my favorite youtubers, they r the best! All u need to know about fashion, beauty products, makeup, etc is on their channel. :)

 P. S. You can comment anonymously `till now!!

1. Sarah - BeautyPolice101

2. Dulce - DulceCandy

3. Adelaine - CookieMonster Beauty Channel

4. Amy -Shop Vagabond Youth

5. Arden Rose
 What r you waiting for?? Click at their name and go check some videos!
Seriously, go check it :)
Becca xox

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